For Text to Change and Research Africa we designed and developed Airwolf, an application based on Openrosa, the popular and open-source standard for data collection. Airwolf is, first and foremost, built to collect data in a call center context, tightly integrating the webforms with functionalities to manage respondents and their phone numbers.

Out of the box, Airwolf supports two roles with different access levels: moderators and agents. The moderators have permissions that include access to detailed statistics about the progress of the surveys, while agents have a more limited set of permissions and are only allowed to collaborate on the surveys they are assigned to.

During the build, we put a lot of effort in ensuring a good and simple user experience throughout the process: from the upload of the survey definition, to data entry and export of the results. Given Kampala’s frequent internet outages, this includes making it off-line capable to ensure that the agents can continue the collection process, without having to fear for loss of data.
To handle the web-forms, Airwolf relies on Enketo, an excellent library that serves Openrosa forms across browsers and different device types.

###More For more information regarding Airwolf, please read our blog post detailing some of the application’s key aspects.

You can give it a spin by trying the:

Live demo